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Game Competition

Do you like playing games? Have you got a new game idea? Share it with us and you may win some new games to add to your collection!

We’re looking for the next must-play game and it’s up to you to create it!

Sometimes the best games are the simplest ones, like Musical Chairs or Heads Bodies Legs, you don’t need much to have fun.

So we’re challenging you to come up with a new game with a maximum of five rules.

The winning games will be featured on the Now Play This website as part of the Now Play This Festival 2024. The winner of the competition as chosen by our panel of experts will also win a goody bag with the latest games to play with your family and friends.

Use these prompts to help make your game:

Think of an easy game, like Floor is Lava or Hangman. Now change one rule and think about how this would affect how the game’s played. This is a simple way to investigate how game rules work and generate new game ideas. Can you only hop on one foot? Can you only use rhyming words?

  1. Does your game have a theme? Use these themes to get inspired or come up with your own!
    • Creating spaces
    • Hidden Places
    • Great Journeys
  2. Is it played inside or outside? Is it physical or on paper?
  3. How many people can play your game?
  4. What do the players need to play? E.g. paper, cards, a board, a chair
  5. What are the rules of the game? (remember 5 is the maximum)

Your entries will be judged by a panel of gaming experts from Now Play This Festival. Good luck!

Need inspiration? Try Turtle Wushu here.

Deadline: 15th April 2024. 

If you enjoyed making a new game, you might like our game-making workshops, find more info here.


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