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Ways to get involved

Ways to get involved

City Lions connects you to Westminster’s young people.

The City Lions team are always on hand to support you to feel comfortable when engaging with our young people. If you would like to help us make a difference, you could offer any of the below. 

Get in contact with the team today to discuss inspiring Westminster's future talent at 

Take part in any way that works for your organisation.

Offer a day shadowing a member of your team to open participants’ eyes to what it’slike to work for your organisation.

Give young people free access to any activities, exhibitions, merchandise or events your organisation is running to help them experience something they might not have otherwise considered.

Consult with focus groups:
Are you working on a project or product and would like young people’s views? We can help arrange a focus group for your organisation.

Work Experience:
Support a young person to access vital work experience; this could be online, in the workplace or a blended experience.

Host a guest speaker session or interactive workshop online or at a school or youth club. This will introduce and inspire young people to the type of careers in your industry.

Become a mentor:
Arrange short, regular meet ups with a participant over a period of six months to help them understand expected skills and behaviours in the workplace.

Special events and activities encouraging participation in creativity. Our latest opportunities are our, Creative Challenges, Creative Collective exhibition and Positive View programme.

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