support for schools

Support for Schools

What’s available for schools in 2019/2020?

This year’s programme has been designed to help schools meet certain requirements outlined by Ofsted.

  • Quality of education: the programme complements a broad and varied curriculum, specifically offering options that simulate work place scenarios
  • Cultural capital: with a mixed view about what this means for pupils, City Lions is designed to aid pupils in the discovery, definition and consolidation of their own cultural capital and what it means to them
  • Personal development: it helps build young people’s resilience and confidence, helping them to discover or consolidate their participation in creative-based extra-curricular activities
  • Leadership: pupils will walk away with a written record of how the programme has helped have a positive impact on their own learning, which can be used as evidence during Ofsted inspections

City Lion at Somerset House Event

Signing up to a City Lions programme is free for schools. Sessions can be split between classroom-based activities and an offsite workshop where pupils meet professional creatives in their place of work and participate in work-based problem-solving scenarios.

Each session can vary in duration, location and content depending on the required learning outcomes for teachers and the needs of the pupils.

Sessions are designed to:

  • Improve pupils’ communication and teamwork skills
  • Help pupils discover ways to use their creativity to increase their sense of wellbeing
  • Empower pupils to feel more informed and confident about visiting cultural places in Westminster
  • Increase their knowledge about creative careers in Westminster
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