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Kensington Palace Royal Dress Codes Youth Curators

Make your mark on a brand-new international fashion exhibition at Kensington Palace.

For the very first time, Kensington Palace is opening its doors and inviting young people to work alongside curation professionals to help design and deliver their summer exhibition - focused around Royal Fashion. 

Learn how a world-class exhibition comes together and try your hand at the various roles involved – from layout, to composing the music, creating objects, shouting on social media, and more – before choosing a project and working to bring it to life.

You’ll collaborate with fashion and heritage professionals at every stage, and your ideas will feed directly into the design and delivery of the exhibition.

If you want to take part, key dates you will need to be available on the majority of the following (there will be some flexibility as we know this is a big commitment):  

  • Phase 1: Designing Projects – select how you want to contribute to the exhibition
    • Saturday 27 April
    • Saturday 11 May
    • Saturday 25 May
  • Phase 2: Planning – plan how you will achieve this, and what help you’ll need
    • Saturday 15 June
    • Saturday 20 July
  • Phase 3: R&D – test out your ideas with community participants (OPTIONAL)
    • 6, 7, 8 August
  • Phase 4: Making – bring your idea to life, through making, digital, composing, etc.
    • 20, 21, 22 August
  • Phase 5: Finishing Touches – tidy up your final outputs, ready for exhibiting
    • 21 September
    • 15 October
    • 16 November
  • Phase 6: Installation – see the exhibition come to life and plan the opening events
    • February half term 2025
  • Phase 7: Exhibition Opens – see your work in situ, invite your friends, celebrate!
    • 13 March 2025

The project team will meet on the following dates from 11:00-15:30 at one of our sites, usually Kensington Palace. Lunch will be provided!


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