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Why take part?

City Lions is your free way to experience Westminster.

Those who have already signed up have attended film premieres, live sports events, interactive workshops and have got advice from the experts about a starting a career in the creative industry.

See what some of our Lions have to say:  

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Ayad - Workshop @ Somerset House

"We were previously taught that art is a paintbrush and paper but today has shown us that art is a huge world. City Lions is a good thing to do as it provides really good opportunities to visit places like this."

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Abi - Tour of Somerset House

"I thought it was really interesting to learn about all the different aspects of art. I’m looking forward to the more hands-on activity such as drawing."


Sarah - Visit to the Athi-Patra Ruga exhibition @ Somerset House

"Today’s tour of Somerset House was really interesting and it gave me an insight into what I could be doing in the future."

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Niall - Ice skating @ Somerset House

"I really enjoyed this experience because I learnt how to ice-skate and it was really fun"

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