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Science Museum Technicians Collaboration

Do you like science? Do you like museums?

If your answer is "NOPE!" then read on ... we need you!

The Science Museum are looking for young people to help them create a brand new part of the museum! You'll get to work with technical professionals (think engineers, sound and lighting technicians and professional fixers) to make activities in the museum fun and interesting.

We need your honest, full truth, no holding back voice to tell us how you want things to be different so that a visit to the museum or the word 'science' is on your agenda.

We are looking for people aged 13-16 to find out how Science Museum staff, volunteers and the museum activities we deliver can be more useful and fun for people like you.

Use your voice, make a difference for yourself and millions of young people. Your ideas will turn into real activities that will be in the museum for the next 10 years!

We’re ready to listen, are you ready to share your ideas?

Want to know more? Read our FAQs here. 

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