Wonders of London - Vincent Edward Manda

Working with City Lions was an eye opening experience. The greater part of my career was working with teenagers from other countries and all most of them wanted was to know where the wifi or toilet/cafe was.

While I did experience situations when students did actually want to know what I was talking about it wasn't until my City Lions experience that I knew what that really felt like. The students that I worked with in conjunction with City Lions were actually interested in what I was saying, which meant the world to me. It was such a big change for me to have students asking me what it would take to be a tour guide as opposed to where the nearest Starbucks or wifi was. It was great to work with young individuals passionate to learn more about careers in the tour guiding industry.

We Partnered with City Lions on a digital festival and did the walking tours of Spies in London and Royal Westminster Death of a King and we also explored what it is to be a tour guide in these strange times.

If you want to learn more about tour guiding or if you are in London and you would like to join one of our wonderful walking tours, check out our website for more information! https://wondersoflondon.com/

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