somerset house case study

Somerset House

Reaching a new audience to collaborate on the contemporary

Somerset House is a new kind of arts centre where art and culture is imagined, made and experienced by 3 million visitors every year.

The decision to sign up to City Lions was down to a shared focus of supporting and inspiring young people through engagement with cultural and creative organisations.  

Catherine Ritman-Smith, Head of Skills and Engagement said: “City Lions is an exciting venture that signals a step change for young people, giving them the experiences and tools needed to make the most of the cultural riches in their city.

“It has been a privilege to contribute to this agenda by sharing the unique environment of Somerset House with young people from Westminster.”

Somerset House held two sessions over a period of two weeks involving a visit to the venue, to introduce young people to the history of how the building has become a thriving centre for creativity.

Participants gained first-hand experience of exhibitions and installations, the chance to talk to resident artist-makers about their work, and a simple creative exercise in collaboration with the artists.

The programme has resulted in better outcomes for Somerset House and young people.

Ritman-Smith said: “We can be sure that we are reaching young people who probably wouldn’t find us on their own.  The outcomes for us and for the City of Westminster will be to increase the diversity of our workforce, our community and our audiences.  Ultimately, through City Lions we hope to pool expertise and make a real difference to young lives.”

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