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Photographers Needed: Intergenerational Event

Are you an aspiring photographer? Looking for experience behind the lens? Look no further! 

We are looking for photographers to help out at an upcoming event! 

Event details: 

Westminster residents and young people are planning an upcoming event to bring people together from different ages, areas, cultures and ethnicities. All activities are being designed and developed from Westminster's young people and residents - competitions, games, music and food will take place across three streets in the south of Westminster. 

The event is free for residents to attend and we are looking for young people to help support the photography of the event. The event will take place on Saturday 14th September.


We will need photographers on each street to capture the communities coming together and how people have worked alongside each other to deliver this event. 

A timetable of the event will be shared with you beforehand and the priority activities photographers will need to capture will be discussed and divided between those chosen. 

Cameras will be provided. 

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions please email citylions@westminster.gov.uk - please note, to meet the criteria for this event - you must be between the ages of 13-16 and live or be in education within Westminster. 


Is the participant educated in Westminster?
Participant's Gender
Participant's Ethnicity
Does the participant have a disability? Disability is defined by the Equality Act as: 'a physical or mental impairment that has a 'substantial' and 'long-term' negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities'
Is the participant in receipt of free school meals?
Photographs and video images of participants may be taken and to be used for the purpose of promoting City Lions through the production of literature, displays, on the council's or our partners media. Do you consent to this?