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WA Mentor sign up

City Lions x WA mentoring aims to give positive role models to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds at Westminster Academy.

From February to June 2023 mentors will provide guidance and insight to a young person, developing their confidence, professional skills, and career choices. This will give you opportunity to pass on your knowledge and experience, give something back to build confidence and leadership skills.

What is expected? 

  • Mentoring will consist of 1 session per month on a Thursday morning at 9:50am for 1 hour.   
  • You will meet mentees in-person at Westminster Academy located on Harrow Rd, London. 

What is provided? 

  • Support from City Lions throughout the programme with a handbook to guide sessions 
  • Safeguarding training and free enhanced DBS check 

Want to be the inspiration for a young person?

Sign up below by Wednesday 8 February. There will be a virtual training session and meet up at the end of February.


Gender Identity
Do you have a disability or neurodiverse condition? Disability is defined as: 'a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities'
Do you have any support needs?
Do you have any medical needs (incl. any allergies or medication)?
If you finished school after 1980, were you eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point during your school years?
Please tell us about the occupation of the main household earner when you were 14? If this question does not apply to you (because, for example, you were in care at this time), you can indicate this below.
What is the highest level of qualification achieved by either of your parent(s) or guardian(s) by the time you were 18?
The reason for collecting this data is to inform you about this event and future events. Your data will not be passed on to any third parties and will only be used internally. Do you consent to this?
Where did you hear about City Lions 2023 Mentoring programme?