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Work Experience Opportunities

Work Experience Opportunities


Opportunities in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

You could be working on the design of a new multi-million-pound aircraft carrier, a new racing bike or a new kettle!

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Opportunities in Music, Performing and Visual Arts

Fancy being the next Dua Lipa? A dancer on a cruise or a music producer?

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Opportunities in Events and Hospitality

Event organiser's jobs can be extremely varied. You could be organising music festivals or a fundraising trek.

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Opportunities in Advertising, Marketing and Publishing

Marketing and advertising involves coming up with new ideas to promote a product or service to customers.

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Opportunities in Film, TV, Radio and Photography

Lots of work goes on behind the scenes, you could be animating a film or coming up with ideas for a radio show.

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Opportunities in Business and Finance

The business industry is diverse and offers a number of roles that could include, human resources, IT, finance or sales.

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Opportunities in Design and Fashion Design

You could be designing a new logo for a product, the product itself, a computer game or an animation.

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Opportunities in IT, Software and Computer Services

Software and IT are used in technology from computers, to phones to games, apps, or aeroplane navigation systems.

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Opportunities in Museums, Galleries and Libraries

You could be interacting with the public on a reception desk, curating a new art exhibition or putting on events.

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