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K&C Creative Collective

A borough-wide exhibition of local community’s responses to the times we live in.

K&C Creative Collective

The K&C Creative Collective was launched in response to the events of 2020-21 - in these turbulent times we wanted to share and celebrate the creativity of our brilliant community and demonstrate how art in all its different forms can help people young and old to communicate and express their feelings. 

We want to showcase the creativity of our local people and offer a chance to reflect, share and celebrate together. 

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We still believe creativity can help us make sense of the times we live in, so we are again inviting residents of all ages to join the K&C Creative Collective, but this year we are particularly keen to engage with children and young people because there is a fantastic treat in store for those aged 10-18 who take part - they have a chance of their artwork being shown in the final exhibition organised by City Lions at the world-famous Saatchi Gallery! 

You can submit original artworks of any kind: audio clips, short films, poems, paintings, drawings, statements or digital work, as long as they relate to the following four themes: 

  • Love and Unity 
  • Climate Change 
  • Your Future 
  • Equality 

Don't miss this chance to have your artwork presented in our Virtual Gallery first, then in digital exhibitions across K&C Libraries and finally, in Chelsea Gallery in King's Road (for adults), in September followed by a month-long exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery (for selected works by children and young people).

To submit artwork, start by completing the ONLINE FORM. 

The deadline for submissions is end of August 2022

We would like to thank Westminster City Lions, Kensington and Chelsea Archives, Chelsea Gallery and all our partners supporting this work. 

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