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Become a City Lions Ambassador! | 14/01/2020

Want to challenge yourself and have fun? You could be an Ambassador with City Lions!

City Lions is looking for people aged 13-16 who have taken part in the City Lions programme and would like to take on the role of Ambassador. An Ambassador is someone who will help us create the programme, giving opinions and ideas on how to make it even better, and helping us promote it. In addition, you will be helping to make creative spaces in Westminster more welcoming to young people.

Activities will include:

  • joining with the youth council to help us with the development of the Westminster Arts and Culture Strategy
  • volunteering to be a support leader and facilitator on our fun holiday programmes
  • visiting creative and cultural venues and being a 'critical friend' - where you tell them how you have experienced their venue and exhibit and what they could do to make it better and more interesting for young people.
  • meeting with Gaynor, Creative Curator of City Lions and helping her plan the holiday programmes so that they include more stuff that you want to do
  • promoting City Lions at local events or within your school to get more people involved in the fantastic opportunities we offer
  • supporting our Communications department to make our promotional material for City Lions really appealing for young people

How much time will I need to give?

As much or as little as you are able. When we have an opportunity, we will send it out to all our Ambassadors, and you will just need to sign up to it if you are interested and available. Activities will take place on evenings, weekends and holidays on an adhoc basis, and some meetings might take place on the telephone or Skype.


What will you gain from being an Ambassador?

  • a certificate and huge appreciation from the City Lions team
  • experience in a range of skills including teamwork, strategic thinking, communication, presentation skills, problem solving and more!
  • confidence in talking to others
  • a network of creative professionals and new friends
  • youth work experience
  • insight into creative roles
  • something to put on your C.V. or university applications
  • people you can ask to be your referees for job applications
  • a new perspective on Westminster
  • We can discuss your goals and motivation for the role when you start, and if you have a particular interest or skill that you would like to learn, we aim to support you to achieve it


Who can be an Ambassador?

​We want to hear from you if you enjoy challenging yourself and have a curious mind. There is no experience necessary. We're especially keen to hear a range of perspectives, and we need people with different skills and interests, so everyone is welcome.

What support is there?

You will be supported all the way by City Lions staff who will assist you to develop towards your own personal goals. You will not be obliged to take on any task that you don't want to do or don't feel able to do. We want everyone to be able to take part, so if we can make any adjustments to the sessions to include you and make them accessible to you, please let us know.

Sounds great! How do I join?
If you are interested, please email with your contact details and Gaynor will be in touch!